Refund Policy


If we do not provide you with the services originally promised, we are prepared to provide you with a refund.

Refund Procedure

We require a formal request from you as well as the original receipt for payment.

Only after your receipt and supporting documentation have been reviewed by our accounting department can BLS issue the refund by check. This process may take 120 days to complete. Again, we ask for your cooperation and patience.

​​Please note:

 If your application was unsuccessful due to lack of eligibility or payment issues on your part, we will not accept refund requests.

If you paid your fees late, we also cannot accept refund requests.

Procedures for refunds and cancellations vary by program and college. Before applying for admission to any college or course, you must discuss this with our advisors.

Cancellation policy

In order to cancel a program, several conditions must be followed. All participants are advised to read and understand the T&Cs carefully before proceeding, or to speak with one of our advisors.

  • The BLS assumes full responsibility for cancelling your registration without prior notice if payments are not received by the due date.
  •  If you do not contact us before the payment deadline, your registration may be cancelled.
  •  Finally, you are prohibited from appearing for the exams if funds are not received on time.

Please read the following carefully:

Blended Learning School is an online resource that provides you with an “end-to-end educational service” in the time allotted. We do not guarantee any of our candidates a job.

Once you have been admitted, it is our responsibility to bridge the gap between you and your enrolled university. We ask that you contact us directly if you have an interview or inquiry.

Assuming that you have read the Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy sections in their entirety and are voluntarily using our website and service, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions. However, you may not use our portal to search for services if you do not agree with any of the aforementioned information and conditions.


If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us: 020-673 20 414