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The Blended Learning School is known for making education more accessible, approachable, and affordable for students, professionals, married women, and anyone seeking a college degree from a reputable and trusted source to achieve their dreams and ambitions of receiving a high-quality education.

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We are India’s fastest growing online learning platform and our aim isto introduce you to the wide range of courses offered by the best NAAC approved A+ universities under the supervision of UGC and DEB.


We are committed to offer our students courses from universities(distance education) approved by UGC DEB and all other reputable agencies in India, as we are aware of the importance of qualified education.


We offer free counselling service where you can clear your doubts and enroll by making an intelligent and educated choice to make education more accessible.

We hope to bridge the gap between students’ talents and their goals by providing the right guidance to each student and selecting the best course and institution options based on their preferences and goals.

What do we believe in?

First and foremost, we believe that the way to improve the current situation is through education.

Second, we believe that everyone’s right to education is fundamental.

Third, we believe that a pandemic like COVID 19 should not prevent anyone from advancing in their profession.

We also believe that the walls of the classroom should not stand for education.

We believe that education should be as accessible as possible so that no one has to stand in line for hours or travel far to get an education.

And finally, we believe that everyone should prioritise their education.

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